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Domestic vs International Swimwear Manufacturers

Florenec Ogalo

Posted on February 08 2021

Anyone in business fully understands how having a reliable, trustworthy supplier or manufacturer is very crucial. When getting into the swimsuit business, the most important thing is deciding if you will choose a domestic or international swimwear manufacturer.


We have plenty of swimwear manufacturers in the US and globally. Oista is one of the private label swimwear manufacturers that offer low minimums, fast delivery, and affordable swimsuits.
Domestic and international swimwear manufacturers have their advantages and disadvantages, with most businesses opting for domestic manufacturers. Its main advantage is the quality of the swimsuit you will get, and this is due to the fact items produced in the USA have better quality and better working conditions for its employees, thus a better output. Reduced shipping costs also play an essential role, compared to what you'll pay when you opt for an international swimwear manufacturer. A domestic private label swimwear manufacturer means a clear communication channel is established since they speak the same language as you do, almost the same time zone; thus, an improved means of communication and corrections take effect immediately.



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