How to Select the Best Swimsuit Fabric?


When looking into opening a swimsuit line, you have to ensure you have a great wide selection of fabrics that will leave your customers in awe. Selecting the perfect swimsuit fabric can be challenging, especially for a first-timer; hence, it is best to consult a swimwear manufacturer such as They will guide you in choosing the best suitable fabric.

What factors should you consider when selecting the best material fabric for bathing suits?

  • Type of fabric

Nylon and polyesters are the two primary swimwear fabrics loved by many. 

Nylon and polyester have an incredibly soft feel to it, are very durable, dries relatively quickly, have a fantastic stretch to them, and are also UV and chlorine resistant. These two are the staple fabrics when it comes to swimwear.

With emerging trends and fashion evolution, there are other great fabrics one can use, such as velvet, neoprene, and textured fabrics. You don't have to stick to only classic known swimwear fabrics; expand your imagination and try these other fabrics.

  • How sustainable is the fabric

Over time, pollution has brought about demands from various textile industries to create sustainable fabrics that aren't heavy to mother nature. When choosing materials, have this in mind.

  • How much does the fabric weigh

Choose a fabric that will not fall into nightwear categories or underwear; swimwear fabrics should range from 170-200gms.

  • Composition of the fabric

When shopping for the best bikini fabric, it is advisable to ask your supplier about the material's composition and get a feel of the fabric. Asking such questions will help give you an idea of what ingredients the fabric has.




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