Summer 2021 Swimsuits Trends

Summer 2021 Swimsuits Trends

One rule for running a clothing business is having the latest, trendiest, and affordable products for your brand. Who would want to purchase an outdated clothing style? This thumb rule applies in the swimsuit category; as a retailer, it is advisable to stock the latest swimwear as it moves faster.

Oista being a private label manufacturer, has compiled a list of the trendiest bathing suits to look out for in 2021 that retailers can stock.

  • Animal Print bathing suits

Animal motifs don't go out of style; in previous years, they have been replaced with subtle tones but have always managed to stay relevant. This year is no exception consumers have been drawn to animal print swimwear, and it can be cow print bikinis, cheetah print swimsuits, or even leopard print bathing suits. As a retailer, you won't go wrong with this style.

Cheetah Print Two Piece Bikini with Straps

  • Frills

Swimwear manufacturers have this season moved towards adding frills in the necklines, straps, or even waists on women's swimwear. It has gained popularity and is one style to look out for. Who can resist flounce waists of necklines?

White One Piece Ruffle Belted Swimsuit

  • Ruched Swimsuits

As a private label swimwear manufacturer, it is essential to produce a product that offers versatility. The ruched style offers versatile styling, especially the one-piece ruched that can be worn as a bodysuit. The ruching adds oomph to the swimsuits.

  • High waist Bikinis

This retro '90s styles will not go away anytime hence why you need to stock up from your trusted, affordable swimwear manufacturer. It is preferred for its ability to accentuate one's silhouette and does a little tummy control.

Red High Waisted Two Piece Bikini Set



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