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  • Where to find USA based swimwear company

    Looking for an affordable trendy swimsuits wholesaler? Looking for quality private label swimsuit manufacturer? For your swimsuit store or your next swimwear line. For quite sometime finding an affordable swimsuit wholesaler or a reliable private label manufacturer based in US has been a cha... View Post
  • Looking for the best wholesale and private label swimsuit manufacturer in the USA?

    Most times finding the best private label swimsuit manufacturer or wholesaler can be a daunting task when you are looking to venture into the swimwear business or looking to change suppliers. Usually you have to consider at a lot of things to fully settle on who you want. There are various reput... View Post
  • What Should You Consider When Choosing a Swimsuit Manufacturer for Your Swimsuit Line?

       Here are some of the  factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer to create your swimsuit designs: Their Experience By experience, I don't mean to say you choose a manufacturer who has tons of years of experience under their belt. The manufacturer has to understand both sides of the bus... View Post