Types of Women Bathing Suits Cover Up for Every Style

Types of Women Bathing Suits Cover Up for Every Style

Swimsuit manufacturers did have their customers in mind when creating beach cover-ups. It's an eyesore when you see beautiful women with long boring baggy tees as swim cover-ups. They sure come in handy when you need protection from the sun or when you need a little flesh cover after swimming.

There are trendy beach cover-ups that are stylish, lightweight and comfortable. No one wants to go to the beach heavily dressed up. As a retailer, you must pick cute and sexy beach cover-ups to accommodate your different clientele.

There are different types of cover-ups that blend with every style. It just depends on your client's preferences. Here are some kinds of beach cover-ups for women you can stock at your store.

  • Swimsuit Kimonos Cover Up

We need to thank the Japanese for creating kimonos as they have stood the test of time; kimonos are a fashion icon and a lifesaver in the swimsuit industry.

This Cheetah Print Swimsuit Coverup Kimono adds life to any swimsuit look. It has an open front design perfect for all sizes. This long flowy maxi beach will surely be eye candy for your clients.

Cheetah Print Swimsuit Coverup Kimono

  • Bathing Suit Tunic Cover Up

The best beach cover-ups are tunics, and they are a durable and multi-purpose closet item. We have lightweight and straightforward tunics perfect for all-season, depending on how one's styles it. We have the option of crochet, mesh and lace fabric.

Black Lace Cover up with Strap Belt

  • Trendy Mesh Swimsuit Cover Up

We all love jumpsuits; the best part is a cute swimsuit cover-up in the form of a jumpsuit. Oista has off-shoulder mesh jumpsuit cover-ups, which are comfortable, beautiful and lightweight.





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