Where to Find Affordable Private Label Swimsuits in The U.S

 Private label swimsuits in America

Thinking of starting a private label swimsuit brand in America? Are you looking for an American swimsuit company?  Look no further than oistastore.com. We are an American swimsuit company with warehouses located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have worked with thousands of Brands and celebs all over the world in making their private label designs.

 Below are five reasons why you should consider  Oista Wholesale  to help bring your sample swimsuit designs to life:

  • Speed: From initial contact, Oistastore.com can get your sample made in 7 working days.
  • Quality: We have built a reputation as a top-tier manufacturer and distributor of swimwear globally. 
  • On Trend: Our production managers are always in the know of the latest trends. 
  • Our design team is key on ensuring your designs come to life, by using your sketches and visions for the bathing suit.
  • We take pride in letting you decide the outcome of the project since you are the client. We ensure we work hand in hand with you in picking the designs, materials, shades, etc you want to use as a new brand looking to get into the swimsuit business.


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